Through analysis, study and recommendation of security standards, Simstream defines cybersecurity strategies, integrates solutions, secures infrastructures and therefore ensures the integrity and confidentiality of company data.

In the current digital era, information is free flowing and requires businesses to be in complete control of their data assets. Information security is a core pillar of Simstream.

Reimagine Information Security with our expertise in:

  • IT Security Audit

    IT Security Audit

    We provide IT Security Audit services by examining the existing infrastructure (equipment, procedures, technical controls and practices) of our clients and by proposing optimization

  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

    Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

    We assist our clients to define the best governance, risk management and compliance in line with their business requirements.

  • IT Security Strategy

    IT Security Strategy

    We help our clients to define the most secured IT infrastructure

  • Data Leakage Prevention

    Data Leakage Prevention

    We provide to our customers the best tools and practices to prevent data leakages

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Our partnerships with leading companies in the IT market (esp. security) enables us to provide our
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