SES and Simstream Group conference

SES and Simstream Group enable Cameroon’s financial sector to grow e-banking with satellite technology

Press release
October 2, 2015
  • Meeting demand for secure and reliable data connectivity in the financial sector
  • Empowering local business skills and growth

DOUALA, CAMEROON, 30 September 2015 – SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), a world-leading satellite operator with a fleet of over 50 geostationary satellites, and Simstream Group (Simstream), the specialist network and IT security soluti

ons consulting company, today held a workshop for leaders in Cameroon’s financial sector to help it grow e-services such as e-banking in the country.

SES and Simstream brought together C-level executives from Cameroon’s financial sector in an informative workshop where they learned how satellite connectivity can enable fast and reliable e-banking services in remote and isolated areas.
“We believe that facilitating the creation of e-banking services is a key for business growth in Cameroon and across Africa, as it is at the heart of enabling people to trade easily and safely receive and make payments,” said Eric Lecocq, General Manager Sales North, West & Central Africa at SES. “The use of satellite technology can help Cameroon meet this demand quickly and efficiently, by providing immediate coverage to any financial services organisation, no matter where its location or terrestrial challenges” he continued.

In May 2015, Simstream and SES announced a partnership to deliver satellite network management projects to clients. Simstream was recently awarded a satellite network contract by the Banque des Etats de l’Afrique Centrale, connecting 25 sites across six countries.

Lionel Reina, Chief Executive Officer of Simstream Group, commented, “Simstream brings a unique IT consulting engineering perspective that allows us to deliver cost-effective and creative IT solutions to enable Cameroon’s financial sector to help grow the economy. Our project partnership with SES is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and develop our satellite network services – and an approach that can be replicated across clients and projects in the banking sector and in other industry sectors. There is a clear and strong synergy between the two companies, on a strategic and technical level.”

“In Cameroon, the demand for secure and reliable data connectivity has been increasing rapidly for mobile services, internet, remote access and e-services such as e-banking. We understand the local connectivity challenges and can provide capacity, services and solutions to overcome the risks associated with terrestrial infrastructure and assist Cameroon’s financial services sector to connect safely and securely with its customers,” said Eric Lecocq, General Manager North, West and Central Africa for SES . “SES, with its global fleet of satellites, can support the growing demand for broadband connectivity and digital broadcasting in Cameroon, as well as across Africa, that will allow customers in urban and non-urban areas to access a reliable banking and money transfer network for online services and ATM transactions – that in turn will grow local business,” he continued.