Satellite network management contract

Simstream Group wins satellite network management contract from the Bank of Central African States, serving six countries.

Press release
March 10, 2015

10 March 2015 (Paris, France and Dubai, United Arab Emirates): Simstream Group (Simstream), the specialist network and IT security solutions consulting company operating from Paris, France and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been awarded the contract for satellite network management services by the Bank of Central African States. The central bank’s satellite network will connect 25 sites across six countries. The new contract extends a long-term working relationship between the two parties; Simstream has provided network consulting and security services for the central bank for 14 years in Africa, where the company has built a strong customer base.

The Bank of Central African States is a central bank serving six central African countries which form the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of the Congo.

Gael Marronnier, Chairman of Simstream Group, said: “We are delighted to sign this satellite network management agreement with the Bank of Central African States, who has placed its trust in us to deliver this mission critical service. We have a growing portfolio of managed services that we now offer to the regional markets of Africa and the Middle East, and which can be applied across a range of industry sectors. Our success is the result of our ability to quickly scale our team and services to meet client demands, whilst offering attractive customer value. Banking is the biggest industry in Africa and continues to expand rapidly through organic growth and acquisition. Our substantial experience positions us very strongly to support African banks – and other organisations – across the continent.”


Simstream Group recently announced (January 2015) a new leadership team with a focus on expanding the business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, from its twin hubs in Paris and Dubai.

Simstream Group was founded in France in 2000, specializing in complex IT projects and in multicultural environments in challenging markets, where an external perspective and innovative approach is required. The service portfolio comprises IT governance, project management and consulting. Simstream has worked with multinational clients in more than 30 countries on projects including the Dubai Tram, in the UAE. Simstream has built a substantial client portfolio of leading French multinational companies, from telecoms to banking and finance, energy, aviation, industry and services. The company opened an operation in Dubai in 2013 to support these clients, as they expanded into the Middle East and Africa regions.